November 11, 2007

No More NaBloPoMo

I tried but it did not happen. I have missed 2 days of blogging so I am no longer doing the NaBloPoMo - oh well. I am been busy and I normally don't blog too much on the weekends.

I am 27 weeks pregnant, this coming Friday I will be 28 weeks and 7 months months pregnant and I am already getting the nesting instincts. I wish Mikayla was already in her new room and the babies room was all set up or we were more in the middle of the process than we are. I am working on getting Mikayla a twin bed. I was going to buy one on Friday but a co-worker said her mom might have one - so I am waiting to hear from here. I was ready to buy Mikayla a new dresser and another co-worker said she might have one so I am waiting on that. I would rather not spend money so I just have to wait. It is also getting much harder to put Mikayla in her crib with my big belly getting in way! We also have to get carpet and her new room painted - that is something I will probably work on this coming week.

I am been busy buying cloth diapers for the baby - I have purchased about 12 all in ones and the average price since they are used is $6 to $7. Brand new these diapers would be $10-$20. I just have to wait for them to arrive.

Every few months we go through the same thing - trying to get Mikayla's bangs to grow out. We want her hair to be all one length (like moms) but we give up when she can't see and she refuses the "pretties" in her hair. I noticed today that she was looking up to look under her bangs - but i have to stand tough! She is getting better at wearing the pretties longer because she realizes that she can't see without them.

That is our update for our house!

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GreenStyleMom said...

I am close to wanting to give up on NaBloPoMo also. I usually post everyday anyway, but I don't like the "pressure" to post everyday.

Kate gave herself a haircut to the scalp on one side of her head last December. It was so painful to grow it out. She also isn't fond of having things in her hair. We have an agreement that she has to pull her hair back when we go out, but she can have it however she wants around the house.