November 4, 2007

Saving Money on Food

Thanks for everyone's comments on how to save money on food. I do plan on making my own bread this week. I also know that I do spend a lot of money on prepacked processed foods, yogurt drinks for Mikayla, rice mixes, pasta mixes etc... I also buy a lot of processed lunch entrees for my lunches during the week. I am trying to stop buying as many of these and taking more sandwiches because I am tried of the Lien Cusines lunch entrees and I know they cost a lot. As to a meal plan it is a great idea but Joe is the cook in the family and he is not a meal planner. He likes to look in the fridge and pantry and come up with something to eat.

I should try to plan one meatless meal a week and one egg meal a week. I do love quiche. As for the beans - not gonna happen. I really don't like beans that much. I will eat them but not on a regular basis.

Jen you mentioned the fat - don't worry I still eat probably too much, olive oil, cheese, junk food. I get plenty of fat in my diet - trust me!! I do eliminate it where I can, skim milk, low fat turkey and beef, etc...

This week I made a grocery list before I went to the store and I did pretty darn good about sticking to it but I was still shocked when it came to $153 without any meat products. I took stock of the pantry before I went. I did need dog food and that was $30 and I bought some eye cream and that was $13 but even with those purchases I was over $100 and I was hoping the bill would come in less than $100 - and the dogs do need food.

If you come up with any more ideas let me know.

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