January 7, 2010

Running in Warm Weather

I know that everyone's idea of warm weather is different, especially when some people live in the South and others live in the North. I have not been running much lately because it has been below zero. My lunch hour is at 11:30 am and normally it is still below zero at that point so no running for me. But yesterday it warmed up to almost 40 by the end of the day. I took a later lunch at 12:30 and it was 32 outside. Here that is a heat wave! I had a great 3 mile run and I can also tell that I have not run in awhile. As long as it stays this warm I will get in some great runs.

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skinnysweetpea said...

Great job getting out there! Below 32 is my breaking point. I have to run inside if it's below 32. My ex lives in Glenwood Springs, and he has to call me every morning to tell me how cold it is out there. Brrrr!