January 18, 2010

Long Run

Whenever I go a long run it is on a Sunday. I work Monday through Friday and on Saturdays I clean the house, grocery shop, take the girls to the library, etc... I do not work out at all on Saturdays. On Sunday I wake up 7ish or before, have breakfast, coffee, and eventually a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then I head out for my long run with my dog Skylar while Joe watches the girls.

This weekend I changed everything around. Mikayla was having a friend over on Sunday from 10am to 2pm so if I wanted to get in a long run (8 miles this weekend) I would have to be home by 10am (which meant being out the door by 8:30am). Also, it has been cold, so I did not really want to leave the house at 8:30 for a long run. I decided to do a run on Saturday instead. First on Friday I did a very fast 5K and then finished my run up at 4.5 miles total. I did not rest on Saturday morning, I did all of my normal running around. I was thinking about going running around 9am but it was still around 5 degrees outside so I did not want to go. Finally in the afternoon after two slices of pizza and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I headed out. Also, I left Skylar at home because since she got hurt right after Thanksgiving she has not been outside much. At this point I think she has had her stitches out less than a month. That run was one of the very few runs that I hated ever single cotton pickin second of it. I hated the 1/2 mile mark, I hated the 1 mile mark and so on. I forced myself to get to 5.75 miles before I called quits and went inside.

On Sunday I rested and then since today was Martin Luther King day I went for my run instead. I followed my normal routine and I was out the door at 8:50am and yes it was cold. It was about 5 degrees and by the end of my 8 miles it warmed up at 15 but still cold. It was a great run and I loved it. This time Sky joined me as well and she loved every minute of it. I love running with her because she is such a good dog. I don't put a leash on her and by the time we hit the main road she stays right by my side.

I ran the 8 miles at a 10:50 pace. A little bit slower that I have been doing 8 miles but since it has been away I am happy. Next week I will try to tackle 10 miles.


Juliana said...

YAY for running! We spent a lot of time outside this weekend. The sun was AMAZING!! Not ready for the snow again!

GreenStyleMom said...

I do my long runs on Sundays also, but I don't know if I could motivate myself to go out at 5 degrees!! Brr! And I'm really impressed with your 5K times. I'm still hoping to break 10 min miles at my next 5K (not sure when that will be...)