January 15, 2010

McDonald's - YUCK

Yesterday I decided not to workout and the really bad part was to have McDonald’s for lunch. Ugg what on earth was I thinking? Yes it tasted good but not oh my goodness good and then afterwards I felt like I had a rock sitting in my stomach and I just did not feel good. How can people eat this stuff on a daily basis in beyond me? Actually, I use to eat McDonald’s everyday when I worked there in high school. We hardly ever have fast food now.

So today I am back on the diet and watching every calories that goes into my mouth and heading out for a run at lunch time. Gotta work all of those calories and fat out of my system because my body does not like that crap.


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing a few weeks ago. I had one of those angus burgers and it was good while I was eating it. But afterwards...same thing as you felt. It was a like a rock in my stomach afterward! I decided that it wasn't worth going to Mickey D's anymore!

noelle said...

People that eat it all the time feel crappy all the time and don't know why. I think when we eat there every once it while it reminds us WHY we don't eat there more often!

And remember, it's engineered to taste good.

Anonymous said...

I can't do fast food, it actually makes me feel sick afterwards! I can do Subway fine and occasionally I do have KFC, but the other fast foods I stay clear of. Have you ever seen the show called 'Supersize me'? A man eats nothing but fast food for 2 months I think it was, he ends up feeling awful, gaining weight/having high cholostrol and being told by his Dr. he has to stop the "study" he is doing or he would be at risk for heart attack. I don't see how some people can eat like that all the time either.

Melissa said...

I used to LOVE McDonald's but the last time I ate it I felt TERRIBLE! Makes me wonder what in the world I was thinking.