January 12, 2010

Marathon Training - 13 weeks to go

As I mentioned here I have a marathon to get ready for. What was I thinking agreeing to do a marathon in April?! Normally not a big deal but now I HAVE to train in 10 to 20 degree weather instead of 30 plus. Also, because of how quickly it is coming up there is no time to slack off!

So yesterday in 10 degree weather I headed out with 2 layers of pants on and three shirts (one of which quickly came off) for a 6 mile run on my lunch hour. I finished in 61 minutes with a pace of 10:15 and for me that is great. I was a little cold on my run but not too bad the worst was coming back to work and not being able to warm up.


Anonymous said...

You go girl! I haven't ventured out yet, but did 10 minutes ( I got off late) of pilates video at lunch time. Mom

Lorian said...

Wow...I am impressed! Here in the Houston area, we have been having colder than average temps and anything below 35 is too cold for me to run in! Kudos to you for excellent time in substandard weather!!