May 2, 2009


One of the attorneys that I work with has a great sunroom in front of his house. His wife decided to plat a bunch of tomato seeds. Because this sunroom has lots of sun (and she has a super green thumb) they all took and she gave me four of the starters.

I have a large window in our living room that faces East and gets a ton of sun as well. The four tomato plants have doubled in size and yes that is a Poinsettia from Christmas in the picture as well. It loves that window too! Next year I won't have to buy a Poinsettia at Christmas time.

I cannot wait until these tomatoes plants are producing tomatoes. Once we move into the red house I plan on re-potting them into larger pots for hopefully that many more tomatoes. We will see.

When I wrote this blog entry about a week ago this is what my tomatoes plants looked like.

Now in less than a week this is what they look like!!!


Cathy said...

wow--that's great! i wish we could grow tomatoes from seed but we don't have good light in our house

Stephanie said...

Looks like you have quite the "green thumb." You'll have to post photos when the tomatoes officially "bloom" (I have a feeling that's not the right terminology...I really need a gardening dictionary!). :)

Keep up the good work!