May 21, 2009

Running and Mountain Biking

Due to my foot I have been told no running for one month. The past two weeks it has not been an issue - I have not had a free second to consider a run. Every day on my lunch hour I have been cleaning the old house and in the mornings I have been busy packing and unpacking. Now that we are settled I am ready to exercise. Today I did a wonderful mountain bike ride at lunch. It was tons of fun - I do love mountain biking. I am missing running but I am really trying to be good to my foot. I hope that on June 3rd I will be able to go for a run and not be in pain. If my runs still hurt I will be seeing a foot specialist in Denver. I don't want to drive to Denver - it is over 3 hours away.

This week my plan is to mountain bike, swim and focus on my weight workout. That reminds me - gotta go work on those abs!

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Midwest Mommy said...

Potty training- I seriously just start randomly putting them on the toilet (real toilet with the little seat you can buy to put on it). I watch for when he seems like he is going and I put him on the potty. He loves to sit there and play with a book and when he is done I let him play in the sink and he LOVES it. I think playing in the sink is what gets him to do it, lol. Although training BG was so much easier. The first time LM peed on the potty it shot everywhere, lol.