October 18, 2007

First Snow of Winter

Yesterday it snowed off an on all day long but nothing stuck. Then last night it snowed and we woke up to 2 inches of the pretty white stuff everywhere. I thought by now (11:30am) most of the snow would be gone but it is sticking to the grass and roofs everywhere. It is so pretty outside. I love most seasons in Colorado. The only season I really don't is Spring - but in Gunnison Spring is not too bad in Crested Butte (1,000 feet difference) it sucks. In CB it is getting warmer and the grass is starting to show, so you decided you want to go for a hike until you find out that there is too much snow and mud to go hiking. I don't mind winter here except I wish it only lasted 2 months instead of five.

What did you wake up to this morning? - Oh Joe called me on his way to work this morning and not only did he have to deal with icy roads but he had to deal with horses. The horses down the street from us got out and were causing trouble running up and down the road - only in a small town in Colorado - normally it is just the cows that get out and cause trouble.

What is your favorite season?


GreenStyleMom said...

Spring is actually my favorite season. Everything seems so new. I love getting outside spruced up, planting the garden, etc.

But spring at a lower elevation is very different than higher up. How high is Crested Butte?

Melissa Garrett said...

It is so hard to believe that you are getting snow while here in Central NY, today's high is supposed to be 75. We're about 30 degrees above normal!!