October 30, 2007

ABC's of Me

Kristin tagged me for the ABC's of me - so here goes!!

A - Anne is my middle name and Mikayla's too.
B - Books - I love them. I am always reading.
C - Colorado - I moved to Colorado 10 years ago and I really don't want to leave. I love the fact that both of my kids will be born here.
D - I have 2 big dogs. Teo is about 90 pounds, a Chocolate Lab mix and Skyler is about 60 pounds a German Shepard Mix. Both are sweet as can be!
E - Exercise - I am always watching my weight and that means exercising!
F - Fun - Who does not want to have fun!
G - Giggle - the only thing next to giant that I can think of right now that starts with G.
H - Hawaii - This is where Joe and I went on our honeymoon and I want to go back. We went to Kauai and the Big Island.
I - Illinois - I was born in Illinois.
J - Joe - the name of my hubby.
K - Kansas - Why can I only match states for these letter??? I moved to Kansas when I was five years old.
L - Loser as in the Biggest Loser - One of my favorite TV shows. I HAVE to watch this every Tuesday night.
M - Mountain Biking. I love mountain biking. I am not great but I can keep up. Before Mikayla was born Joe and I would go out all of the time. Now that I am mama and now that I am pregnant the mountain bike rides are few and far between.
N - Nap - I wish I had more time for naps, instead of just Saturday and Sunday.
O - O - my last name starts with O.
P - Pee - I am doing A LOT of that now. Every hour at least. I tell Mikayla I am going to the bathroom and she says "Mommy, you just went." How is that for a 2 year old!!
Q - Quilt - I wish I could but no machine - at least that is my excuse. My mom made Mikayla a beautiful baby quilt when she was born.
R - Running - I like to run in order to lose weight. But while I was running a lot I would get bored easily. Now that I am not running I miss it. It is also a great way to burn calories!!
S - Stay at Home Mom - I am not but I would love to make it happen - at least part time anyway. I want to see Mikayla and number 2 more.
T - Tiffany is my first name.
U - Umbrella - I don't know one of these.
V - Very, Victor - what else starts with V - It is 3:30 and my brain is shutting down for the day - too bad I have to work until 5pm.
W - Work - My current job title is Legal Assistant - fancy name for Legal Secretary which I don't like.
X - X-Ray - My mom is an X-ray tech.
Y - Yoga - Yoga is what help me lose the baby weight the first time. I am no longer going to a yoga class due to money but I sure do miss it.
Z - Ziegenhorn is my maiden name.

Wow - that is everything. I had trouble with some of these. I should have done this first thing in the morning. Jen, Melissa, and Tigerlily you are tagged.

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