October 22, 2007

Baby Name - Weather

What a blog title huh. Now for the baby name - What does everything think of the name River Anne for a little girl? I really love that name and so does Joe. But Joe says that to name a kid River is being irresponsible - I don't think so - to me it is the first name that I really truly love so far in this hard job of finding a name for the baby.

Now onto weather - it is getting cold. We had snow again this weekend, but only about one inch on Sunday morning. I also start posting how cold it is on the exceptionally cold days. I was shocked this morning that it was 10 degrees!! It is only mid October - it is going to be a cold winter? Last winter was pretty warm so I guess we are do for it but I am not ready for those
-25 days.

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Carrie said...

I love it!! We are in the neverending name wars as well. Though we are not finding out the sex. I love the name Charley for a girl...Charley Grace. What do you think? For a boy we are still way up in the air. Did you have any boy names in mind before you knew either of your two were girls?