October 2, 2007

Cloth Diapers For Sell - See Post Below For Pictures and Updates on the Family

I am going to keep this post on top so that everyone can see my cloth diapers for sell. Please see the next post for pictures and updates.

I have some of Mikayla's old cloth diapers that I would love to sell. I tried Ebay but they have taken used cloth diapers off of their list of items to be sold. So please take a look - if you would like to purchase some please send an email to oconnellhouse@msn.com or leave a comment with your email address.

Shipping on everything will be $3.00 for the first diaper and $1.00 for each additional diaper.

Kissaluvs Size 1 - 10-25 pounds. You will need a cover with Kissaluvs. Price $5.00 and they normally retail for $11.50 each. If you buy all 3 the price is only $12.00.

Kissaluvs Size 2 -20- 40 pounds. $5.00 per diaper or all 4 for $17.00.

EZ Gerber Diapers - Size 20-30 pounds. All in one. These are older diapers but they work just fine and they also come with a diaper double attached inside. Price $3.00 each or all 4 for $10.00.

Snug to fit - Size - all sizes (they have multiple snaps to adjust to all sizes). They have an attached insert but they will need a diaper cover. Price $3.00 each or both for $5.00.

Training Pants. Size 2T. They were barley used. I ended up potty training Mikayla with her wearing nothing. I have a total of 6 to sell. $1.00 each or all six for $4.00.

Diaper Covers. These are a bit older but work just fine. I have a total of six to sell. $1.00 each or all six for $5.00.

Prefolded flat cloth diapers. Price $0.50 each or all 4 for $1.50.


Jenny said...

I hope you get some takers!

GreenStyleMom said...

I'm sorta tempted on the off chance we have another baby. I didn't cloth diaper but wish I would have tried it.

But since Matt is still saying "NO WAY!" to a third, I probably won't get a chance to try.

Chris H said...

LOL ! I know I know, I tried so hard not to blog.... at the time I said "no more blogging" I was dreadfully hurt and really thought I wanted to stop! But, it got the better of me obviously! I live to blog mate. Sold any of those nappies yet?

GreenStyleMom said...

Tiffany, I found this website and thought it might be helpful to you to sell your diapers
:) Kristen

Eric and Steph said...

Can you let me know what you have left?