September 1, 2009

Running Again

This weekend I did a 6 mile run and it felt great. One thing I have noticed, no matter how long or short or the run is I really don't get into the grove until I have hit the half way point. This weekend once I hit 3 miles I was ready to head home. I was thinking, "uhhh I still have 3 more miles to go, this sucks." But I took a longer way home and said if at a certain point I would turn and head home instead of going straight and by that point I had finally found my groove and kept going. I have noticed that every run I do this.

In the end I had a great a run and I could have kept going. I am doing 7 miles this weekend and I would love to do a 10 mile race in two weeks but I think that will be pushing it too much.

I am not running the total weekly mileage that I was when I was training for the marathon because I have been mixing it up with biking and swimming. Also I have only had minor foot pain. Just sorta of the, is that my foot acting up again? Nope - okay let's go - thoughts. I really want to do a triathlon in a month and the only big challenge will be the swim. I can do the laps but I will have to stop a few times to catch my breath. I did a swim workout today and it felt great.

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