September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Fun

We had a great long weekend. On Saturday we headed out to Blue Mesa. We had lunch and then we put the swimsuits on. We had a great time just hanging out and wading. You have to force Mikayla to get out of the lake no matter how cold she is.
Mikayla ready to go swimming. Teo had fun wading and a very little bit of swimming.
Lily spent five minutes on the beach (not even) before she got sand on her eye - no it is not a black eye, it is sand, sand in her month and every place else she could find.
I opted not to go swimming - so I rolled up my pants and waded.
Mikayla and I enjoying our lunch before we went swimming.
Lily loving the sand and getting dirty.

On Sunday I did an 8 mile trail run. It felt great and I had a fun time. Skylar enjoyed getting out of the house for a fun run as well. As soon as we got home we loaded up the truck again to go hiking. We ended up at the top of Monarch Pass (11,300) for a hike on the Monarch Crest Trail. We hiked a jeep road up and had amazing views, even with the clouds all around us. We hiked to about 11,700 feet. Even though I have lived here 12 years I still find places that I have not explored before.
Monday took us to Crested Butte a friend's 4 year old birthday party. The kids had a great time playing on the playground. I also love playgrounds where Lily can do laps on a slide and I just have to watch.
Overall we had a super Labor Day weekend. What did you do?

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Anonymous said...

I sure see a lot of you in that last picture of Mikayla.

I can only wonder what Jake and LIly would get into together if they had the chance. It would be like that time me and David were covered from head to toe in mud and Mom made us undress in the garage before we came into the house. :)