September 9, 2009

Hippie of the Jungle

Mikayla got a new pet the other day. It is a guinea pig and she named her Hippie of the Jungle. I have no idea where she came up with that name, but Hippie became a member of our family on Wednesday night.

How she became a member is another story. I swear my husband, Joe, really needs to sit down and write about all of his tenant stories. In addition to selling real estate he has been a property manager for the last 9 years. His most current story is he had a tenant move out of a rental and when Joe went to do the final checkout instead of finding an empty rental he found a guinea pig with a note saying that the tenant could not find anyone to take her and he hoped Joe would be able to find a home for her. I am always shocked at some of his tenants. In the past another tenant left a cat and her brand new kittens in a couch behind. To me a pet is a pet for life, not just when it is convenient for you.

Well, he called me at work and I could tell he really wanted to give Mikayla the guinea pig, mostly because he grew up with them. So I said yes and he brought her home. Mikayla called her Hippie right away. I said "Hippie?" and she said, " Yep, Hippie of the Jungle." So now Hippie of the Jungle lives in our laundry room and boy the dogs do love the new smell. We will have to keep the dogs away from her. She was more than happy to sit in our arms and let us pet her. I could see her relaxing on our lap in front of the TV one night but for now we are just going to let her get use to her new home.


Carrie said...

Hippie of the Jungle? Really? Where in the world would she come up with that?? I'd have to say she/he? is very cute :) And I totally agree with you - no pet of mine will ever be left of given sad. Glad she found a good home! :)

DavidShag said...

We have reached the ultimate throw-away world. My nephew told me he didn't think of friends as a life-time thing (I still do, even though most of them weren't). If you move a mile, you lose all the old friends and get all new ones. People now have 10,000 really dear friends, few of whom they have ever met and none of whom they will notice should they happen to stop posting or die or something. Try getting a wasting disease and see who shows up ("I want to remember him as he was"). It is no surprise that even the one thing more important than people or money, i.e. pets, are now expendable.