December 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Have you ever noticed that when it is snowing outside it is also very quite. For the past 10 days or so we have been receiving between 3 to 6 inches a days. One day last week we had received about 6 inches so Joe ended up taking me to work. The next day we received another 3 or so inches and I decided to bike to work.
First, I had to change my normal route. Normally I head up a fairly busy side street. I started to do this like normal but the snow plows had only made the road big enough for one lane of cars on either side of the yellow line. The bike lane and parking area had not been plowed. Also, in Gunnison they push all of the snow to the middle of the road for quick plowing and clean up after the storm has passed. (When Lily was born it snowed for days (literally) and we received over 5 feet of snow. The snow piles in the middle of the road were bigger than the cars and trucks on the road.) Back to the story - because of the snow in the middle of the road cars could not swerve around me. Then I started to slip and slide and almost fell down, so I decided to take the side streets - much better. It was a beautiful bike ride to work.
Since then I have been riding through the snow. On Monday it was a pretty rough, slippery ride. I decided to do something I have never done before (and I have lived in Colorado for over 10 years). Instead of walking the dogs at night I took them for a cross country ski around town. We had a blast. Then this morning instead of bike riding I cross country ski'd to work! Joe ended up having to bring me home because it did not snow all day so the streets were drying out.
Here are some pictures of the snow around town.
My little model.
This is a picture of the pile of snow in the middle of the road.

This is what I was riding through the other day when it was dumping.

We have even more snow now.

This is just a cute picture of the girls I have to throw in.

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AmyBow said...

You are obviously a rock star! Good for you biking and skiing. I am very impressed and feeling quite blobby in comparison. And the girls look wonderful- they are getting so big!