December 8, 2008

Marathon Training Week 6

7 miles - yup you heard (read) me. I did 7 miles on the long run on Sunday. Since the marathon I want to do is trail running I headed to a recreational area (Hartman Rocks) to go running.

It was hard and very slow at first. I had to run uphill and in the snow. We have had a couple of small snows and there was a couple of inches on the trail. Finally I found some dry jeep track and was working on heading back down to the base area where I had parked the car. I did get a little lost so that meant a little bit longer than I had planned. When I was about a mile or mile and a half from the car and I said to Sky (My dog that went running with me. She is a tropper, she is 10 years old but still loves to run even if it means limping the rest of the day. But an asprin after the run and she was good. Tired but good.) "if we get to the car and we are at 6.5 miles we are going to finish it up and make it 7 - even if it means that we are late getting home." (I was already late but what is another 5 minutes when you are over 15 minutes late.) We got back to the car at 6.44 miles so we made it 7.

It did take me awhile, 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it was VERY slow in the beginning. Next week when I head out for my long run I think I will stick to the streets. Even though that is boring to me I want to see if I can get 8 miles in an average of an 11 or 12 minute mile.

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Rachel said...

You can do it!

I'd love to do a trail run in the snow.