December 24, 2008

Marathon Training Weeks 7 and 8

My marathon training has really slowed down the last two weeks due to the cold and snow. The first week I was stressed out that I was not getting the miles in but now I am just doing what I can.

Two Sunday's ago I set out late afternoon for an 8 mile run but after a couple of miles I was cold!! It was about 20 (which normally here in the winter is warm) but it was cloudy and just bitter. I told myself that I could turn around at 3 miles and if I felt up to do 2 miles around town. The closer I got to home the more I started thinking about a hot shower. My thighs were freezing and I am pretty sure I had icy in my panties!

After that cold run I decided to go to Gene Taylors (a local sporting goods store) to see if they had any sales. I found a pair of tights that have fleece on the inside for $25! I love them. I need to go back and get another pair so I can have one dirty and one clean pair. I could even put another layer on the outside if it is super cold.

The snow in slowing me down as well. I cannot go very fast on the snow so instead of doing speed work I am just running what I can as quickly as I can without getting hurt. The other day I did 4 miles through snow covered streets and I was happy with an 11 minute mile because in the snow that was pretty good.

Due to the snow I have been shoveling. On Sunday I set out to do 8 miles (again) and I felt great in the morning. As soon as I started running my back started hurting. I tried to run through it hoping it would stop but less than 1 mile into it I had to stop. I tried walking and stretching but that did not work either so I gave up and headed home. The rest of the day I my back was killing me and I tried to rest but that does not happen unless Lily is sleeping.

On Monday I was feeling much better but I did a strength training routine instead of running. Today I went for a 4 mile run and felt great.

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Rachel said...

Running is going to be up and down. Tough to run in the snow too. I have no snow so I can't compare it- all I can tell you is to keep at it.
You can do it.