December 28, 2008

I have found my max

Since I have started training for this marathon I have been doing my long runs but at the end of each one I feel as if I could go longer. Normally I will come home and take the girls for a walk because Mikayla wanted to go running with me and when I tell her no because I am going to far she asks if we can go for a run when I get home! I hope she keeps this up.

Well, I found my max yesterday. I did 8 miles and my average pace was 11 minutes 21 seconds per mile, which I feel really good about. Especially since at the end I was very tired but after a 1/2 mile of super slow I was able to summon up the energy to pick up my pace for the last 1/2 mile home. Boy when I got home I was tired and sore. But the good thing is that I woke up this morning just fine.

Even though I did not get a lot of runs in because of the snow I did a lot of cross training. I a great mix of cross country training, running, yoga and strength training.