March 24, 2008

Spring Has Arrived

In the mountains of Colorado the seasons do not change when the calender says they are suppose to. We get Winter much earlier than everyone else, Summer arrives much later than everyone else, and sometimes we don’t get Spring or Fall. But this year Spring is arriving on schedule.

Each Spring, there is a HUGE flock of birds that swirl around in the sky above our house. I don’t know what type of birds these are just that they are white and the fly in circles with more and more joining them. There are easily over 100 birds and they sound like turtle doves but they are too big to be turtle doves. They come from the east swirl around and eventually head west. It is a really cool sight to see all of these birds. It also marks the arrival of Spring. The days are much warmer, at night it is only getting down to about zero, and best of all the snow is melting. My driveway is a disaster - don’t come visit us right now unless you have 4-wheel drive and are very comfortable using it! So many people have gotten stuck in our driveway lately. The long part of the driveway is all mud, the river is completely open, and I love hearing the birds in the morning.

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