March 26, 2008


Mikayla is all set to start preschool at the Lake School in the fall. In Gunnison there is one large preschool and it is run by the school district. There are other smaller preschools that are run by individuals and are more in line with a daycare than kindergarten. There is a very high demand to get into the Lake School because it is so cheap. I will be paying $184 for 4 - 1/2 days each week. It is so cheap because it is subsidized by the school district. It use to be first come first serve on registration day. This year they decided to do a lottery and Mikayla won! I am excited for my baby to start preschool but now I can say she is no longer my baby.


Red Lotus Mama said...

I remember the first day Little 'Ny attended the learning center she goes to ... I cried! But, she loves it there -- playing outside, making a mess doing art projects, making friends -- much better than staying home with Mommy watching me work. She used to go only part time, but she loves it so much we switched to full time. Good luck!

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