September 5, 2007

Random Posting

I really want to get better at posting on a more regular basis but it seems as it I don't have much to say or I say the same old thing so this is a random posting of my thoughts at the end of a long and boring work day. That brings me to the first one:
1 - I am bored at work!!! The attorneys do not give me enough work to do - I really enjoy my job when I am busy from 8am to 5pm and I still have a pile on my desk for the next day - they are paying me to work 8 hours and I would love to produce 8 hours of work for them. I have gotten tired of asking for work because I would be doing it every day. The last few days have been really slow and today the two main attorneys that I work with were gone all day. So hopefully I will be busy tomorrow - but who knows. I only billed out about 2 hours worth of work in an 8 hour day - ugh!!

2 - Mikayla is pretty much potty trained. We put a diaper on her at night and that is it. She goes potty at home, in daycare and at every store we go to and she can even hold it when she says she has to go and I still have to drive two blocks to the store, park the car and walk as fast as her little legs will go while be distracted by the horsy to the potty at the back of the store!

3 - I took last week off from working out hard all I did was some easy walking. I think I really needed the break because I jumped back in full force this week. I even went home at lunch for an awesome cardio and strength training workout - it was great.

4 - I have not been riding my bike to work as much and it is a good because it rains almost every afternoon around 5pm.

5 - Fall is coming to Colorado. The trees are slowly starting to turn and the windows have condensation on them in the morning - I am not ready for winter but I do love an indian summer in Colorado.

6 - I am in the middle of my fifth month of pregnancy and getting big. I have gained 12 pounds and I hope not to gain another 20 which would put me at gaining over 30 pounds. I am still exercising so hopefully I won't gain another 30, but boy is my belly getting big. I am having a hard to waiting to feel the baby start moving and it should be anytime now - but I want to feel it move now!!

7 - Does anyone have any name suggestions for a boy or a girl. We like Julieanne Marie or Miller Joseph but we are not attached to those names so we are looking for any and all ideas.

I think that is it for now and now I only have 10 minutes left of work.



Jenny said...

Julieanne is pretty. I'm not too wild about Miller. I can't believe I caught you jogging at 5 months pregnant! WOW!

Melissa Garrett said...

I *LOVE* those names, both of them!!