August 28, 2007

Big Hike/ Little Hike

On Sunday Joe and I decided to head to Crested Butte to go for a hike. Mikayla loves to go hiking, she gets so excited and the dogs get excited and then I get mad at the dogs for being too excited in the car!!! We decided to hike to a lake called Copley Lake. It is only 2 miles to the lake - not too bad, we were warned that it is a pretty steep hike. Thankfully Joe carried Mikayla on his back up to the lake - if I had done it we would not have made it! The trail was so steep it took us over an hour to get here - two miles in one hour is pretty darn slow! But when we got to the lake it was beautiful and quite. Mikayla had fun on the way up signing songs with Daddy, playing games, and holding as many flowers as we would give her.

I carried her on the way down and it still took us over 50 minutes. She did fall asleep in the backpack on the way down. For a while I could tell she was getting tired because she kept putting her head down. Then Joe turned around and said she was sleeping but she was still tossing around. Finally Mikayla found a spot for her head and settled down. At the end of the trail is a really steep section. Joe pulled her out of the backpack and carried her down himself - she slept through the whole time! But she did wake up in time for a late lunch.

Pregnancy update - I will be starting my fifth month of pregnancy on Friday - times does fly and I am getting big. I only have one or two pairs of pants that are not maternity that I can still wear and that is because they are a size 14. I cannot believe how big I am getting. I am trying to eat pretty healthy with a few more fun snacks than before. If you have not tried "No Pudge Brownies" you must. Excellent taste, moist and they taste great!!


Jenny said...

No Pudge Brownies eh? I can't decide if that sounds appealing or not! I can't believe your in your 5th month. Amazing how quickly it goes, and soon you'll be a mommy of two.

Kansas Grandma said...

Sounds like Mikayla's a real Colorado girl! I wish we lived in Colorado so we could see here more often! You are 5 months?! Wow, time flies! Love, Mom