August 22, 2007

Camping Trip

Our camping trip was a success - sorta of. We arrived at camp on Saturday around 1pm and Mikayla was sleeping in the back seat. I was shocked that she was still asleep because we covered very rough road in order to get to camp. We unloaded the car and Mikayla woke up just in time to help set up the tent. She loved running around, hiking the camp site, playing in the dirt. Every time I cleaned her face it was dirty 5 minutes later.

Our friend, Keith joined us at camp around 3pm and Mikayla had a blast playing with his 10 year old daughter - I thought - babysitter!! I can sit down and relax now. After a while Mikayla and I went for a little hike with the dogs down the road, but she still had more fun hiking to the "potty" at camp with mom.

We sat around the fire eating hamburgers, bratwurst, pasta salad for dinner. They boys decided to go 4-Wheeling after dinner and I used that chance to get Mikayla into bed. She did not go easily and cried for about 15 minutes and then she finally settled down. I eventually got tired of waiting on the boy to come back to camp so I went to bed as well. Shortly after I went to bed they came back to camp with their big trucks and made plenty of noise and of course Mikayla work up. So I pulled her into bed with me. Once Joe came to bed I realized how cold it was outside and so Mikayla would have to sleep with us. We have never spent the whole night with Mikayla in our bed. We were sleeping on a double size air mattress. We all did not sleep good that night, but Mikayla slept the best. Joe and I spent most of the night awake.

Finally morning rolled around and I was excited to see the sun - I kept waiting for it to warm up enough that I could crawl out of bed. Joe got up and started a fire so I was finally able to get out of bed. One of the other guys that was camping with us said he could go for a cup of coffee. I let him go on for a little bit and then I spoke up that I would love a cup of coffee. So Joe, Mikayla and I hoped in the truck and drove 30 minutes each way to get a cup of Camp 4 Coffee - the best coffee anywhere - better than Starbucks - but only served in Crested Butte. That was the best cup of coffee and it was so worth the 1 hour trip to get it.

Once we got back to camp we loaded up the camping gear and Joe wanted to do a little fishing. He caught a couple of tiny fish - only a few inches long. After that we went for a hike and saw a huge dear. We headed home around 1pm we were all tired. Mikayla quickly passed out in the car and stayed asleep until we got home and I was even able to put her in her crib at home and she slept for 4 hours! Joe and I both took long naps as well. We were exhausted.

So I think we will go camping again, probably not this season but maybe next summer and someplace warmer.

We left out camera at home so here are the only pictures we have. Saturday evening we climbed to the top of a cliff that was above our campsite.

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