September 26, 2007

Pictures and What Not

Here is a post that is a little bit of everything. Below is a picture of me 21 weeks pregnant. I ran a 5K race this weekend and I think that will be the last of the 5Ks. Even though I felt great during the race lately whenever I run I feel pressure in my lower belly and I swear this kid loves to jump on my bladder. I will be sitting at my desk feeling just fine and then I feel pressure on my bladder and I have to pee. I think that this baby is sitting lower than Mikayla was so I feel the pressure more.

And since we were talking a picture on my belly Mikayla wanted us to take a picture of her belly.

I did manage to get her to smile for some pictures but the smiles were pretty odd - close mouth and eyes shut - oh well we will work on getting her cute smile on the camera. I know I have said this before but I love being a mom. She was in such a good mood tonight. We all took a walk after work and she rode in her stoller, ran with Daddy and had a blast. Tonight after her bath she cuddled with Daddy on the couch on it only took about 5 minutes until she feel asleep. Daddy is now working on falling asleep on the couch as well.

Mikayla likes to sit on Teo.

A couple of weeks ago we drove to Crested Butte via Ohio Pass so that we could see the Aspens changing. We might have been a week or so early and it was rainy the whole time but we did get some could pictures.

Our house is almost under contract. A young couple from Crested Butte would love to put the hosue under contract but they are trying to get out of their current contract due to other issues. So keep your hopes up that they can get out of their current contract and we can get this house sold. I keep telling myself the house WILL be under contract by October 31st and we will have sold the trailer by October 31st! Also I WILL be able to work 4 ten hour days at work.


Melissa Garrett said...

Toddler bellies are the best :-) You look great! I can't believe you ran a 5K!!

Jenny said...

Tiff, you look awesome. How are you feeling? Ohio Pass is beautiful right now, isn't it?

GreenStyleMom said...

You look so, so, so good! I can't believe you ran a 5K. I can hardly run a 5K NOT pg!

The leaves look really pretty up there. We are headed up to Summit County this weekend. Hoping it stays nice for us.

And keeping my fingers crossed that your house is under contract soon.