September 9, 2007

Pictures Finally!!

Here are a bunch of radom pictures I have been promising you forever.

Joe likes to take Mikayla to the lake on his afternoons with her. She actually asks to go to the lake with him before he even says anything. The lake days are almost over for the year.

I don't have many pictures of our New Jersey trip in July-August. One day we went to the science museum and it sits acorss the river from New York City. We had great views at lunch time.

As you know from my previous post about our New Jersey trip . This is a picture of Joe and Mikayla waiting for a flight in the Denver airport. Mikayla had her first Mcdonald's lunch ever, 2 chicken nuggets, a few french fries and orange soda.

Here I am 5 months pregnant. Isn't this a cute picture!!


Melissa Garrett said...

Look at you!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

you loooooook marvelous...
and that little girl of yours...
simply adorable!

big hugs!

Amber said...

I found your site via Melissa! I'm a fellow Coloradoan and just started up a blog with The Denver Post, We are currently "collecting" Mommy Bloggers in the state; please let me know if you'd like to be added to our blogroll!