October 2, 2010


If I had the money I would like to quit my job and go back to school and become a nurse. Well, yesterday I had second thoughts about that yesterday at work.

I am now an office manager for a local dental office. I really enjoy my job and everyone I work with. Part of my job description is helping the dentist when everyone else is busy. Yesterday we had an emergency scheduled and we had to pull two teeth. Yesterday was my turn to turn to help out. I was helping and watching all of this going on and I almost passed out! I think it was watching the tooth being pulled out but it was not that gross or anything but still I came close to passing out. I walked out of the room and the other girl saw me and said that I was white as a sheet.

The dentist finished without me and later when we talked about it he said he would give me another chance which is what I wanted. Let's hope next time this does not happen!

For all of you in the medical world has then happened to you?


Anonymous said...

I've only come close once. A girl we were training to drawn blood, who plans on being a doctor, almost passed out watching us draw blood. You will be ok. Mom

Rebecca said...

Yup, it happens. You adjust and rationalize a bit more the second time you are in a similar situation. I am a nurse and used to be petrified of needles, now I poke needles in people all day long, no problem.

Anonymous said...

I work as a nurse in a burn/trauma icu, and let me tell you, pulling people's crispy flesh off is not pretty. This sounds terrible, but you need to mentally distance yourself from the situation. Don't look at the patient like she is your neighbor, someone you know, someone you could know. Look at her mouth. Look at her teeth. Think about the anatomy and physiology. Then, when the nitty gritty is over, she can be a person again.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll get used to it. I'm a nurse and the first procedures I saw, I was not "right there" like it sounds like you were. If you CAN get used to it, consider being a dental hygienist (or dentist). There is a huge need for hygienists, at least here in MI, also dental assistants--and assisting, I think you;re not required to have a degree to do.