October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

Saturday we headed down to Devries' Buffalo Ranch in Montrose, Colorado to pick pumpkins. We did this last year and had a blast. They have a HUGE corn maze that you would get lost without a map. It took us 30 minutes to get through the whole thing and we were moving quickly and using the map so we would not get lost.

We went down with friends of ours who has a son 6 months younger than Lily. Sam and Lily have been forced to be friends since they were born because his mom and I are best friends. They even got to the same daycare.

Lydia is Sheri's daughter and she is 3 years older than Mikayla but they get along great.

At the Buffalo Ranch they were Chuckin' Pumpkin's. So there was a lot more going on than normal. They had a bouncy house that the kids loved playing in.

Overall this was a great weekend with lots of family fun time. I had a blast and since my birthday was on a Friday it seemed like a birthday weekend.
Saturday we headed down to Montrose to go pumpkin pickin'


Midwest Mommy said...

We didn't have a map when we did ours. That was probably our first problem.

Stephanie said...

We've never done a corn maze. Maybe next year? :)


Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun for you!