August 25, 2008


In order to save money Joe and I rented our house out and moved into a smaller and cheaper house in town. The tenants that moved into our home are under a lease option and they just moved in on Saturday. Well we are already having problems with them. They are treating the house like they own it and so they have moved light fixtures around, the husband is upset at how old the wiring is. They are also trying to use a bathtub that we have never used before and found that the drain is rusted out. They called us and instead of waiting for us to get a plumber into get it fixed the tenant attempted to fix it himself and caused the well pump to become un-primed. This is Joe’s biggest fear and he HATES dealing with it. You know these people have not bought the house and I really wish they had not started messing with it and causing all of these problems. Joe’s worst fears about renting our house out are happening.

If everyone could send happy thoughts and prayers that we will make it through this, the tenants will settle down, and everyone will be happy. We need the tenants to stay in the house because we have signed a lease on another. Joe is also worried that if these tenants move out then he will not be able to get it rented for what they are paying. Joe is the main one dealing with the tenants not me so he is much more stressed out than I am.

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Carrie said...

Wow, I didn't know you guys were renting out your place. So sorry to hear about your tenants. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully they will settle down once they are in there for a little while. It is a shame it didn't work out for you to move back east. Good luck!