January 27, 2008

The Sneak Peek

This is Tiff's friend Jen posting to give all you in the blogosphere a sneak-peek of the newest member of the Colorado Mama's household. Tiff hopes to be up and out of the hospital by this evening.

Lily Anne was born at 1:29 this morning weighing 6 lbs 3 oz. Tiffany and Joe's precious second daughter is 19" and born with a head full of brown hair just like her big sister.

Isn't she the loveliest little creature? She slept the entire time we were there visiting Tiffany and her family.

Don't you love that perfect little mouth?

And just one more picture of little Lily in all her 10-hour old glory.

And here's Tiff looking as beautiful as ever. Can you believe she birthed her second child just 10 hours prior to this photo?


Andi said...

Well, it's official... I have never met you and yet I hate you! you look FABULOUS and your daughters are GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations. (Having two girls is SO much fun!)


Kristi said...

Stopping over from Melissa's to wish you a big congrats! Your daughters (both of them) are beautiful.