January 16, 2008

Bored at Work

I am sure you have heard me complain before but today I am super bored at work. On Monday and Tuesday this week my co-worker was sick so therefore all of the work came to me - which I loved it kept me busy (not stressed busy just busy). Well she is back and now I am bored. The attorneys don't give me enough work and I have asked too many times. I also have work for two attorneys to review sitting on their desks and with these guys who knows when I will see the work. This job is perfect one 1 1/2 persons not 2.

So I have been reading blogs and catching up but that can only take so much time during the day. These slow days really make me want to have the kiddo because that is all that I can think about.

Bored at work to - send me an email - oconnellhouse@msn.com

FYI - I spoke with hubby at lunch time and he said Mikayla only required 2 hugs and kisses this morning and of course the babysitter said that once Joe walks out the door she is fine.


Carrie said...

Darn, I wish I would have seen this while I was at work...you would have surely gotten an email from me!! Hopefully the little one will come soon and you will be busy busy busy!

Debbie said...

I feel the same way about my job. I just googled bored at work and this page came up! blah i'm super bored!