May 9, 2007

Mikayla is 2

Mikayla turned two on Monday and on Sunday we had a huge birthday party. I invited about 40 people and I really did not except all of them to show up - well not everyone came but we still had about 30 to 35 people with at least 10 of them being kids. We had so much fun. Joe tried to do a rubber ducky race in our creek it started off great but then a neighbor dog came over jumped in the creek and tried to eat all of the ducks. Mikayla received plenty of nice presents. She really loves the baby stroller and the grocery cart with groceries that Grandma got for her. She will say she is going shopping - at the age of 2!! The Grandparents left today and they had tons of fun with Mikayla. It was Grandma's job to give Mikayla a bath each night. But Grandma would not clean her - Grandma said that is not the point of bath time!!! I would hear hooting and hollering from the bath while Grandma was in there. I am going to try and post pictures tonight!!

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