May 13, 2007

Birthday Pictures at Last

Sorry this has taken so long. I do not have the software at work to put the pictures up there and in the evening I don't have a chance normally to sit down and relax until after Mikayla is in bed and dinner is done, normally after 9pm - and everyone knows that I like to head to bed around 9:30!! Joe's parents, Grandma Linda O'Connell and Grandpa Big Joe came in for Mikayla's birthday. They arrived on Saturday and the big party was on Sunday. We invited lots of people and quite a few came. The weekend before her party it was super beautiful outside and of course the weekend of her party we had snow! It snowed Saturday and Sunday - off and on mixed with rain. These are the few pictures were the sun came outside. Here we are sitting outside enjoying the beautiful day.

Is Joe telling Sean how to grill the chicken or vice versa?

More people enjoying the little bit of sun we head.

We are opening presents. Grandma is in blue taking pictures.

More presents. Mikayla's friends, Sienna, Rory, Conor and Annabell are in the watching.

This is now called her dolly. Cake Time!

Mikayla and Cooper enjoying some of the yummy food at the party.

The day after the party it was beautiful - of course. Joe, Mikayla, Grandma and Grandpa went to the lake while Mommy had to work. As Mikayla says Mommy, bring home bacon! Someone has to.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. For mother's day we headed to Grand Junction to get some much needed shopping done. One thing I hate about living so far from the city is having to drive 2 1/2 hours to go shopping, so therefore we only go once or twice a year. Mikayla had fun. she kept saying going shopping all the way there. She also loved running all around the store with Mommy following her and trying to shop at the same time. I thought shopping use to tire me out but with a 2 year old it really does!! Oh well we had fun and we also got a lot of great clothes.


Kansas Simplicity said...

Great Pictures...Thanks for sharing the party pictures! Looks like all had a great time.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Those are wonderful pictures ...

she's an adorable girl!!

thank you so much for stopping by my blog and Matthew's blog ... and leaving such a sweet message...

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