May 9, 2007

Little Wool Gatherings

I am trying something new. I am reviewing a post put up by Little Wool Gatherings. I get paid to review her blog by Pay Per Post. I have no idea if I am doing this right but I am going to give it a try. Melissa is a 29 year old stay at home mom to three kids. I am 28 and I only have one child - I cannot image having three at my age. The post that I am reviewing is about wanting to go back to college and graduate. I image most moms that never finished college think about this all of the time, but right now she is too busy being a mom to try and finish college. Even if she did finish college what would she do with the degree, find a part time job. There is no way Melissa would want to work full time and be away from her kids - she enjoys staying at home too much. I would highly recommend her blog - it is an excellent mommy blog.

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