May 15, 2007

Did you buy gas today?

Today was the Gas Out. On May 1st I posted this. It was an email I received about not buying gas today. So - did you buy gas? All I know is that it is getting way to expensive. I am also biking to work more in order to not waste gas.


Kansas Simplicity said...

In Kansas the gas at CostCo was $3.09 and at the regular gas station $3.39...Ouch. I have been walking more, riding my bike and like today I have to go to an event so I found another person going on the 1 hour drive and we are splitting gas. Simple ways to save a little gas and reduce the cost. Also, I have found the cheapest place in town to buy gas too which has saved some money.

rani said...

$3.39 sounds low to me (California). My only saving grace is owning a hybrid.

Thanks Tiffany for the idea - I'll try a local store for help.