June 24, 2010

Too cute

A friend of mine, Sherri, has a 2 year old boy named Sam. Sam and my daughter Lily, who is 2.5, have been friends since the day he was born. They had to become friends with how much time Sherri and I spend together and now they two kids also go to the same daycare. Sherri is a teacher so Lily does not see Sam everyday at daycare anymore.

Last night I was watching her kids and mine for a little while. Sherri dropped her kids off and we were playing outside. Joe got home about 10 minutes later with our kids. Lily came running around the corner saying, my Sam, my Sam, my Sam. It was took cute. A little bit later they started running around the house, yelling, ahhhhh and then they would stop and laugh together and then head outside and do the same thing. They are too cute! You gotta love 2 year olds!

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