June 21, 2010

No Time For Running Right Now

I am really slacked off on running and I am not planning on picking it up in the next few weeks. I really slowed down due to a couple of minor injuries. I am not running right now to try and re-hab them. I had to go home for a funeral. My beloved Aunt Jo died last week. She never married nor had any kids and therefore all of her nieces and nephews had a very special place in her heart. We all had very fun and loving memories of her. She always had a smile on, even when she was very sick. I was told that she finally stopped smiling about a week before she died. But now Aunt Jo is no longer in pain, she is in heaven smiling.

I have also slacked off on my Run 175 miles in 7 weeks. I was so ready to give that challenge a try but it did not happen. I am sure Kristen is still going strong. I know that I am not going to hit 1000 miles this year, I am too far behind but it will be interesting to see how close I get to that number.

Since I am not running the next couple of weeks I will have to take some pictures of the girls and post them.


Melissa said...

I have been too busy too. I hate that it makes me feel so guilty! Plus it's so darn hot!

Can't wait to see pictures!

Very sorry to hear about your aunt.

funderson said...

Sorry about your Auntie.
Let me know when you're ready to run again!

helen said...

Well, it’s amazing. The miracle has been done. Well done. Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt Jo, good that she is no longer in pain though.

coloradonaturelover said...

Hello from another Colorado Mama :) I just started a blog and that made me come across your blog...searching for those similar to me.

I've been wanting to start running to get back in shape...so it's inspirational for me that you are already doing it.