June 7, 2010

175 Miles in 7 Weeks - Week 5

At this point I should have run a total of 125 miles, but I have not. I was sick with a cold one week and therefore only ran 1.3 miles that week. Then last week I got super busy at work and therefore I only ran one day. As of Sunday I have run a total of 73.55 so I am short by over 50 miles! I am going to finish this challenge but I don't think I will get in 175 miles in 7 weeks.

On another note I forgot to post by year to dates miles at the end of May. I have run a total of 342.37. I am not on track to run 1000 miles this year but wow - as of today I have run over 350 miles! How cool it that!


funderson said...

SO cool!! good job!

GreenStyleMom said...

We are like running soul (or sole!) sisters! We are about even on our yearly mileage, and I think 1000 miles is still doable. That is just 23ish miles/week.