February 22, 2010

Week 2 of the 6 Week Challenge

I did better this week than last week but I did not accomplish everything. I did do two days of weights, I did not swim one day and I did three runs. I really wanted to get 4 runs in but on Friday it was dumping snow. There was no way I was going for a run in that so I went home and did my weight workout.

On Sunday I headed out to do a half marathon. I did not do 13.1 but I did do 10.1 miles, and in addition to just going for a run I was running while it was snowing the whole time. I had ice on my eyebrows, ice on my eyelashes, I was running on snowpacked roads which in the end helped me really slow down and I was able to just keep going.

We got our tax refund on Friday and I have already been shoe shopping. I really don't want to purchase a new pairs of shoes on line and I know that I am not going to buy the same pair I have been using. In town there is only really one place to get running shoes (and no they do not specialize in running but there have the best selection in town). I found two pairs that I am going back on Monday with my inserts to see which ones I wanted. I found one pair that I really wanted, mostly for the price tag, $36 - normally they were over $100! But they were too small. We will see what I get tomorrow night.

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