February 10, 2010


I have not been blogging much this week because this blog is mostly about my running and lately I have not been enjoying it at all. I struggle to get a run in during lunch and here is why I think I am not enjoying my running.
  • It is cold outside. I am tired of running when it is cold and my cold I mean 0, 10 or 15 degrees. To me at this point 30 degrees would be a heat wave. Maybe I will try to switch my lunch hour around to a later lunch so it is warmer for my run.
  • Snow. There is snow everywhere and I am tired of it. My favorite thing about running is trail running and I have not been able to run on a trail since at least November, maybe even October.
  • Gunnison is a small town. That means there are only so many miles I can do before I have to repeat them. If I tried really hard I could get a 10 mile loop in, if I went on the outskirts of every road. After Gunnison there is highway and running on a highway is no fun. For my lunch hour runs they streets are all the same and I hit them all just about once a week. Maybe I should start reading the street signs to keep me occupied while running? I have lived here 12 years and I still cannot tell you exactly where Georgia Avenue or New York Street is.
  • I could really use a lunch time running buddy, but I do not have one. It seems as if my friends think I am crazy for running.
  • Ok, enough complaining and eventually I will get out of this rut but for now I am hating running. I think I will take the next few days off and just try to get in a long run this weekend.


Zoƫ said...

Sending you good running vibes ~~~~~
Running is such a love/hate. I hope you feel better about it soon. :)

Stephanie said...

0-15 degrees. Brrrrr. I don't blame you for complaining a bit.

I hope it warms up for you soon!