October 26, 2009

No Half Marathon Yet

I have officially said no the marathon in Vegas due to finances. We are going to Denver over Thanksgiving to meet up with family. My family is coming in from Kansas City. We cannot afford two nights of hotel rooms in Denver and then for me to go to Vegas the very next weekend. But I am going to keep running and keep doing long runs over the winter so I can keep the shape I am in. I do not want to start over come spring. I think from here on out I am going to do one long run of 12-14 miles per month and the other 3 weekends do short runs, maybe 7 – 10 miles.

On Sunday I did a great trail run in Hartman Rocks. I have blogged about Hartman’s in the past and it is nice because it is less than 3 miles from our house. Hartmans is pretty big, not huge but big. I have only run and mountain biked a very small portion of it. Yesterday I explored a new area that I have never been. I did about 5 miles as a trail run at Hartmans and the rest on the road.

My original goal was 14 miles but I was pretty tired at mile 9 so I just headed home and that made it an even 12 miles. I thought I was running really slow, and walking a lot more than normal. I thought for sure my time would be longer than the last time I did 12 miles but it was not. I was right on, which is really weird because I was much more tired this time than the last time I did 12 miles. This time there were more hills but I kept at them and I had a great time. I even ran though a little bit of snow and I got snowed on at one point to! Winter is coming!!

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Melissa said...

I just cancelled my plans for the St. Jude's weekend that I had been planning to run in. I just couldn't justify spending the cash when our company's future is so uncertain.
It was such a disappointment, but I found a race the same weekend that is only 1 hour from my house and the hubby and kids are going to go watch me, so that's good enough. :)