October 4, 2009

12 Miles - I'm Getting There

I did a 12 mile run today and it went great. I left from the house and headed for a trail run that is about 3 miles from my house. The nice part about this trail run is the first 1/2 mile is uphill and then it evens out and is really flat. I did 6 miles on the trail and then headed home.

I was reading my Runner's World magazine that it is a good idea to pick up the pace the last two miles of your trail run to what you want to race pace to be. My ideal race pace is anything under 11 minutes per mile. My average pace the first 10 miles were 11:20 miles. I picked it up and kept it under 11 minutes the last two miles and it was hard but not THAT hard. I could have done another mile. That is another great thing is that after 12 miles I could have gone another mile if I needed to. I felt great and strong this week.

Two months to Vegas, will I make it?

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