February 8, 2008

Snow, snow and more snow

Sorry I am not blogging as often as I use to but it is hard with a newborn and a 2 year old! Gunnison has been receiving so much snow. I have lived in this valley for 10 years and Gunnison has never seen this much snow. With the first big snowfall of the year all of the willows along the creek bent over. I was upset because we lost our privacy - I could see the main road and they could see us. But now we have huge snow piles all around the house so I can't even see the driveway! We are planning on going up to Crested Butte this weekend so hubby can go skiing. I will take pictures for you - there is so much snow up there that some houses are hidden from the street.

Yesterday we decided to drive to Salida so Mikayla and Daddy could go swimming in the hot springs. We had to go over Monarch Pass which reaches 11,000 feet. At the top we stopped real quick to go pee. There is a store up there but when we got to the top we could not see the store. It was also snowing real bad and it was hard to see anything. As we were pulling away I noticed a corner of the store sticking out of the snow. That was all you could see was the corner of the building - everything else was under snow!

We had a fun time at the pool but WOW Monarch Pass and the whole drive way tough - 4-wheel drive the whole way.

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GreenStyleMom said...

It is insane how much snow there has been in Colorado... but I'm not complaining! It's good for us!

How far is Salida from you? It isn't too far from us, but we have never been. We always end up in Summit County instead. I think we'll check it out sometime this summer.