February 26, 2008

Gasy Baby

Lily has been a grunter since she was born - one month ago tomorrow (time flies!!) Lately I have noticed she is grunting more, spitting up more, and even getting a red face as she grunts. She just seems unhappy and a little too gasy. So I have decided to stop the dairy in my diet and I bought some gas drops for her. I also noticed a while back that I had a yummy smoothie with lots of milk and yogurt in it, and then when I nursed her a while later she did not seem too happy about all of the dairy in my system.

So far with the gas drops she is doing better and not as gasy. No more red faced grunts. I have only stopped eating dairy for a little more than 24 hours so not enough time to tell if it has made a difference yet. I was thinking though that all of the breast milk in the freezer has diary in it. Joe has started giving Lily a bottle at night which helps me get a little more sleep.

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