April 11, 2011

Ipod Runner

For years now I have always run with my Ipod.  If for some reason I left it at home or the battery was dead that run would be awful.  Lately though I have been leaving it at home more and more often and the thing is, is that I am enjoying my runs more and since I am actively thinking about my run I am pushing myself to run faster than usual.

So, do you run with or without an Ipod?


Greenstylemom said...

I usually run without an ipod, but days when I need extra motivation, I pull it out. Also any long runs over miles (not that I've done that lately!) and always on the treadmill.

Justine Lam said...


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Justine Lam
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Stephanie said...

I haven't decided which I prefer. Music is motivating and fun, but I also like running in the silence (gives me time to reflect & pray).

I'd also like to try listening to books while I run (have you tried that?).