April 10, 2011

10K Sage Grouse Race

10K race turned into a 7 mile race.  This race was TOUGH.  It was so windy it was almost pushing me backwards at times.  I tried to beat my sister's time but it was too windy to consider that.  Her race was also fairy flat and my was hilly. 

Another thing, how many of you have ever ran a race that was what it was suppose to be in length?  I can understand a race going a little over the distance it is suppose to be but come on - this 10K was almost an extra 3/4 of a mile!  All of the races I have ever done have been a little bit longer than they were suppose to be  - never have they been shorter.  I wonder if my sister's race was shorter than a 10K - I just say this b/c I know what her pace is and it is not 9:40. - Sorry Sara.  But for now I will just suck it up and admit that she is faster than me.

My overall time for the 7 miles was 1 hour and 14 minutes - an average pace of 10:40ish.  For me, especially with the wind, that was pretty darn good.

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Greenstylemom said...

I think race distances are measured at the shortest possible route, so if you aren't taking every corner as tight as you can, it is going to be longer. Although 3/4 over seems like a lot. Did you run to and from the bathrooms? :)

I'm just getting back into my running and having a hard time getting motivated. Ugh.