August 20, 2010

Major Freak Out

Today before lunch I went to start up my Garmin and it would not come up. It was dead and nothing would make it turn on. I even put it on the charger and it would not come up. I started really freaking out. I run much slower without it and how on earth am I suppose to do a 16 mile long run this weekend without? If you follow me on facebook you will see the freakouts I dealt with earlier.

But I had my lunch hour and I was in my workout clothes so I was going to workout. I was not in the mindset to start running so I did about a 30 minute bike ride and then a 25 minute run. I was much calmer at the end of the workout. My sister told me to go to their website and look up warranty information. I did this and I found out who to re-set it and now I am back in business - yea! Thanks Sis! My husband did make the comment - Now I see where your priorities are in life!

The Garmin is now working, and it will be ready for my long run Sunday morning.

On the house front - let's just say I never want to sell a house again. This house has been so stressful. The appraiser screwed up and said it was worth about $15,000 less than it was under contract for so I started crying and freaking out and called the bank regarding a short sale just to get this deal done. Then we saw the appraisal and saw that he had the wrong sales price so we got that issue fixed. Today was suppose to be the big deadline deal but the buyer's do not have loan approval yet. So we extended the loan approval deadline for another week but we were also able to move up closing a week. So keep your fingers crossed that everything goes to plan. We have started to look for a house but not too hard yet. I have not started packing anything just de-cluttering and cleaning out cabinets.


Midwest Mommy said...

What is a garmin????

I fear the day we have to sell this house.

Stephanie said...

Selling is tough, isn't it? Especially in this market. We're right there w/ you. ;)