August 16, 2010

Changes, Changes, Changes

I have not blogged in a little while mostly because we have had or are having many changes in my house and I am still not quite sure what to think about them.

The first change is that my husband is no longer with his employer of the last 5 years. He has moved to a new real estate agency in town. This change was much needed and he is very happy with his new office. The downside of this change is that he went from a nice paycheck every month to commissions only. Money has always been tight but now it is tighter than ever.

We are selling our house. Our house has been on and off the market for the past few years. We would love to be able to stay in our house but we cannot afford it. The house is under contract. I have not blogged about the house being under contract before because I was waiting for us to pass inspection objection - and now we have done so. We have to fix some items with the roof but nothing that is too scary or that will cost too much money. I want to sell the house but I don't. It is too expensive but it is an old house with a huge beautiful lot on the water. When I really think about selling the house I think of all the memories it has in it. We have owned it for almost 6 years.

Here is a link to see pictures of our yard this spring when snow fell in May.

Here is a link to see some general pictures of our house and yard.

Here are some really pretty pictures of the yard that Joe put on

Yes the yard is big, beautiful and private but as we like to say we just bought our dreamhouse too early in life. One day again we will have a wonderful house and property.

I have slowly been running again. I want to do the Mountaire Marathon on September 19th here is Gunnison. I don't know if I can but I am gonna do it. I might have to take the next day off since I might not be able to walk! I did 14 miles yesterday and it felt good. The last 3 miles were tough but I "got er' done"! I have four weekends left so I am hoping to get in 2 more long runs, 16 miles and 20 miles and rest two of the weekends and then I am doing it. Wish me luck!


AmyBow said...

oh Tiff! I am sure everything will work out for you an your beautiful family. I am glad you have the running to help you clear your head.

Amber (Colorado Girl) said...

I've been a reader for a while, but I've never commented. But this post really resonated with me! My parents are selling the house I grew up in, and we're all finding it hard to part with the house. It's time, but it's sad to see it go (I got married in the back yard!).

Also, I'm running a half marathon on Sunday and I'm a little nervous. This is my second half, but it's been five years (I'm just getting back into running). You inspire me with your strength and perseverance, so thank you! (I have a blog about running and living in Colorado over at

I wish you the best of luck with all of your changes. I know change can be tough sometimes. :)