August 6, 2009

New Jersey

We had a great time visiting family in Jersey. I am having trouble moving the pictures around tonight but I wanted to get them posted, so here you go.
Lily and Daddy

Mikayla and Lily LOVED the beach. Lily just wanted to keep wanting to run into the water. Mikayla loved "jumping" the waves. At one point she started to head out with a wave but we grabbed her in time.

Our friend, BJ relaxing on the beach.

The moms relaxing!

Mikayla loved playing in the sand.

The reason we went to New Jersey in the first place is that Joe's family is Catholic and our niece and nephew were baptised. Joe is Alexa's godfather.

The parents, god parents and babies.

The babies slept through the ceremony until they got their heads dunked in the water.

Mikayla always wants her picture taken when the cameras come out.

Lily having fun.

Grandma with Alexa.

Mikayla with Alexa.

Kyle, Alexa, Lily and Me

Uncle Chris with Kyle.

Lily let Aunt Sue hold her.
We had a wonderful busy time. We went to Chucky Cheese. This was a first for Mikayla. This one only had pizza and games and Mikayla loved the games. She kept going back to a computer where she could color a picture. The had a slide that was perfect for Lily and she kept going back.
We went to Sesame Place and as I mentioned in this post it was too much money. They wanted $51.00 per person for everyone over age 2! For what they had it was not worth the money. I did notice on their website that after 2pm it was half price. I mentioned waiting until 2pm but I was out voted. We left at 10:30 in the morning on a Saturday and everyone else was headed to the beach. It took us 3.5 hours to drive 73 miles!! By the time we got there it was 2:15, perfect for half price. They also wanted to charge us $15.00 for parking but since every lot was full we ended up parking less than a 1/2 mile away at a mall. It was perfect, free parking and the walk was much more pleasant than walking through an asphalt parking lot. Once we got to the front gate their information had the half price or twilight pricing starting at 3pm instead of 2pm. So we waited for 30 minutes and we saved $100. My overall impression of Sesame Place was ok. If we had paid $51 I would have been upset that they did not have more and it was WAY too crowded. There were people EVERYWHERE. Since we paid half price (which should have been the regular price) I was not too upset. Mikayla and Lily had a blast playing in the pools, sand, everywhere. We stayed about 2 hours, which for a 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old was perfect.
The next day we headed to the beach and you can tell from the pictures above how much fun we head. The girls loved the water.
Overall we had a fantastic trip with lots of fun memories.

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