June 9, 2009


A week ago I went for a two mile run and my foot felt pretty good. So two days later I did 3 miles and then two days later I a 4 mile run. I was feeling some pressure sometimes but not all of the time and I was not in pain. On Sunday I was feeling my foot a bit but I was really wanting a nice long run. I headed out to Hartman Rocks and did 5 miles. It was a slow 5 miles because I was not ready for all of those hills but it was great. I felt great all the way from my head down to my ankle. Yup, not my foot my ankle. After about a mile it started acting up again but since I really wanted that run I kept at it. Sunday and Monday it was super sore. I even wore my tennis shoes to work on Monday for extra support. I am so frustrated that after a month it is still not better. I called the doctor and she is out of town for 2 1/2 weeks. I made an appointment for when she gets back to talk but I have also decided until then I am going to keep running, since not running is not helping it get better. Today I did 3.2 miles and it felt great.


KiwiLog said...

Running injuries can be so fickle. Sometimes I get one and have to take some time out.. and when I think its going to be better I head out for a run and its not. Or one thing will start hurting and then everything starts to hurt. Glad to hear you're feeling better now though!

David and Tammy said...

David is struggling with a similar problem, only with his wrist. He has early on-set tendonitis in his right wrist. The doctor gave him a brace to wear, but if it doesn't improve, he will probably have to have surgery. He has been wearing the brace faithfully for 2 weeks now and switching activities to his left hand, but not seeing much improvement. We understand your frustration! The human body is amazing when it works correctly, but very aggrivating when it stops working right!